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Dec 09

LinkedIn Beta: Small Steps

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LinkedIn Beta

I saw the updated LinkedIn home page. What is really new here?

Discover articles your colleagues are reading.

That could become interesting. I like the idea of seeing my own personal Digg, so LinkedIn could do something there.

The “modules” allow you to plug and play…. but for now with only a few options (Answers, Jobs, People search). You can see how it will make sense to open this up to developers in the future.

The network connections portion shows me what is wrong with LinkedIn. On Facebook I can see interesting things that my friends have done. On LinkedIn, I see that a connection has added another 6 connections. Who cares?

2 Responses to “LinkedIn Beta: Small Steps”

  1. Ryan Says:

    I feel that Linkedin is very professional. Linkedin is a business networking site cause of which they have to maintain few things. Facebook being social networking site, things can be taken little light on it. With Linkedin they are comping up with few new things so that the users can enjoy networking on linkedin. Also i read somewhere about a site called MoDazzle which helps you access Linkedin on mobile through sms without internet. People can be a regular user cause of this MoDazzle. Check this:

  2. replica bags Says:

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