Dec 05

Dating Design Patterns

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I just saw Dating Design Patterns, a spoof on the original GoF book.

The true genius from the Gang of Four was not how to create elegant enterprise software systems.

It was Trojan Proxy.
It was most definitely Half Bad Boy Plus Protocol.

It was Dating Design Patterns. The ultimate reusable set of solutions for a complex system. The Gang of Four’s original and most ingenious work. With assistance from Christopher Alexander, whose personal dating diaries were recently discovered in a garage sale inPoughkeepsie.

oh man.

Dec 05

I love Luc-ene

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I have really been impressed with Apache Lucene. I am used to seeing open source projects which are nice frameworks and such… but this is a really hard core set of code that they have developed.

I was able to finally get rid of the search on TheServerSide (which used the web crawler ht://Dig), and reimplemented it with Lucene. Now our actually content is indexed from the inside, and I can implement a simple interface, add a link to an XML file, and another source joins the index.

I wonder if I should make the pagination read:


like Goooooooogle does :)

Since the first couple of pages are the most important in results, I was able to implement something which always bugs me about Google. If you go many pages into your results… they don’t show the first page. We use:

1 .. 15 16 17 18 19 20 .. 79

So you can always get to the ends cleanly.

Dec 05

Open source and barn raising

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I enjoyed getting together with Dain Sundstrom (Core Developers Network) and N. Alex Rupp the other day at an Irish Pub. There were some non geeks there, so “open source” was explained with the metaphor of community barn raising by Amish folk!

Apache Geronimo sounds like it is really coming along, so it will be good to see what really comes of it.