My Code

I have some random code here there any everywhere, so I should try to document some of it for old times sake.

URL Bar Navigator is a Firefox plugin that allows you to Ctrl-Left Arrow to get to the root of a URL in the bar.

Facebook Expand More is a GreaseMonkey script that shows all of your applications instead of just the first few.

QuickSave: Google Notebook is a GreaseMonkey script to let you type and hit ENTER to move on in notebook.

QuickSave: Basecamp is a GreaseMonkey script to let you type and hit ENTER to move in Basecamp.

Playing with Colors is an old school color picker application that I wrote years and years ago.

GData Ruby Client is an unofficial Ruby client to access GData services. It uses Hpricot and friends for a simple usage.

Google Base with Gears is an example of using Gears to search Google Base when you are offline.

Feed Billboard is an unobtrusive Ajax widget to display feeds in a billboard stuff.

Related Search is an unobtrusive Ajax widget to show you related content.

Google Developer Day holds the code that powered the GDD home page (which had a lot of dogfood and Ajax).

GSpreadsheet is a simple API to allow you to work with the GData Spreadsheet API in style.

Google Tech Talk Showcase is a rich usage of the Ajax Search API to play videos for a certain user.

Ruby in the browser is an experiment to put Ruby in the browser via JRuby.

RSS Bling is an RSS reader that Ben and I have developed as an example of doing Ajax. It was why we created!

Gears DBlib is an abstraction on top of the Gears Database component to allow you to insert and grab JSON objects.

Gears::Manifest is a module that allows you to generate a LocalServer manifest easily.

Text::FixedLength is a module that makes it easy to work with fixed length field data files.

Geography::USStates helps you remember Guam.

No Deal lets you play the game.

Web Index well, indexes your web.

CGIDebug lets you run CGI’s and watch.