Sep 12

JavaZone: Heavy Metal with your Java at 8am

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Ben and I are talking Ajax at JavaZone in Norway. The jetlag hasn’t been much of an issue this time around thanks to a bit of a doze on the flight (after watching the slightly painful Mr. Bean).

I did enjoy seeing Ben’s face as he opened the door to his hotel room, which is definitely euro-style (read: absolutely tiny). You couldn’t lay down across the room.

Oslo is a beautiful town, and I hope that we get to see some of it. Last night was the speaker dinner, and some of the usual suspects were there.

This morning though, the conference started with a jolt. I have never been to a conference (Java or other) that had a cover band to a “famous” German heavy metal group playing. At 8am. Screaming BITTEEEE. You also had to enter the conference arena via a space shuttle. This show is definitely similar to JavaPolis in many ways. You can tell that the conference committee has a lot of fun with it and the show is huge. I think these beat JavaOne hands down.

I couldn’t help but take a little video:

Mar 01

TheServerSide Symposium, Microsoft Dev Summit, and AOSD

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I have a fun and busy couple of weeks coming up:

TheServerSide Symposium

This week I will be in Vegas for the 3rd TSS Symposium. It is always a pleasure to see everyone, have some good geek talk, and some drinks ;)

I am going to be presenting on AJaX technology, Groovy, and may even be on a panel ;)

Microsoft Developer Technology Summit

I am really looking forward to the Microsoft summit, with the likes of Matt Raible, Ben Galbraith, and everyone else. It will be really interesting to see what Microsoft has to say to us, how they pitch it, etc. I am going to soak up having the time to spend looking at Indigo and the like.

I was even going to see if Don would like to bring in his kids to do some Ruby, but I guess now It’s down to Scheme or Logo :)


AOSD is in Chicago this year, which is nicely down the road. I will be chairing a panel, and spending time with great guys to discuss libraries for AspectJ 5, which I am really excited about.

All, in all, a great few weeks! I hope to see some of you there!