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Dec 04

Launched Google Open Source Mac Site With New Code

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Today, I was able to launch a new section of Google Code that is focused on open source code related to the Mac. Since I am passionate about both open source AND the Mac, it was a really fun little side project to work on.

The core Google Mac team, and other developers at Google, actually have a fair amount of Mac related open source code. From small pieces of helpful code such as the Quartz Composer patches for Leopard, to large projects like MacFUSE to fun tools like iPhoneDisk to a new meta status updater called Statz. This is just the beginning of course, and now there is a home for this code.

One of the pleasures of working at Google is the slew of great people that you get to meet. On this project it was a real pleasure to work with Amit Singh (MacFUSE and much more), Nicholas Jitkoff (Quicksilver), and Dave MacLachlan (Adobe and much more).

Google Mac Developer Playground

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