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Aug 14

Life before and after kids: Amazon Recommendations

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There is nothing in life that changes your direction as much as having kids. Getting married is nothing in comparison :)

I keep running up against symbols of my two lives, so I will contrast them here. Today’s episode is simple. This is what Amazon thinks of me before I had Sam:

Amazon Before Kids

And, this is what it thinks I should be buying now:

Amazon After Kids

Do you have any symbols like this?

2 Responses to “Life before and after kids: Amazon Recommendations”

  1. garaged Says:

    the computer at home almost exclusively browses hi-5 videos (the kids show, you must now :), and child songs, discovery kids web page,etc.

    I used to pass nights reading and coding, now I pass nights sleeping after my two girls fall into bed, too tired to code or read.

  2. Jorge Says:


    Me too!

    Once, i was known as the dark night, but now, i’m only a morning sparrow.

    Programmers Life after Kids…


    Excelent Blog by the way :)

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