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Feb 04

Google Latitude; Get your explaining ready

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Google Latitude is cool indeed, and will have folks from Loopt and beyond watching (see Dodgeball didn’t die, it’s just slowly becoming a feature of Maps!).

Even with all of the privacy controls, you KNOW that there are going to be fun cock ups in the future, just like we see on Google Maps Street View. It just has to happen. But, it’s worth it :)

Shame the iPhone version didn’t come out on day one, and the Palm Pre version will be cool :)

3 Responses to “Google Latitude; Get your explaining ready”

  1. Mr. Blue Says:

    It’s cuz the iphone sucks!
    Latitude is pretty cool though.

  2. Julian Says:

    Latitude is quite extreme; i’m not sure how many people will use it. In my Blog I warned about a few bad ways of using it.

  3. Ryan Stewart Says:

    Hahah, It’s such a classic get out of jail line. “Why would I do something so stupid on purpose?” It was a joke!

    [email protected]

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