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Jun 10

You know you are in a European hotel…

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Euro Hotel

I have stayed in a fair share of hotels, and you can tell that you are in a European one when:

  • The bed is two twins pushed together. It looks quite big. Unfortunately you can’t used one whole side as you can’t sleep on the seam. The pillows are….. comfy
  • The toilet has two buttons. A small one, and a big one, depending on the need. I don’t understand why they don’t do that in the US. Next innovation: size of flush depends on the “weight” of what needs to be flushed
  • The TV controls your world. Setup wake up calls, keep the time with the clock, order room service
  • The shower is walk in. It consists of two panes of glass that try hard to keep in the water, but don’t. Andre Charland also noted that the shower heads always detach, and when attached they often move with a life of their own.

18 Responses to “You know you are in a European hotel…”

  1. Ian Lewis Says:

    Japanese toilets are the same way. They even have little markers “small” and “big”. Given how technologically advanced the toilet seats in Japan are (heated seats, bidet) you would think some would have a weight measurement system.

  2. Andre Charland Says:

    my observations have been the same;-)

    you forgot to mention that the shower heads are always detachable and on a hose:)

  3. Atreya Says:

    So do Indians and I’m surprised why wouldn’t they be so in the rest of the world except for the Americans – who seem slow to learn. Overuse gasoline and then crib about it when the prices go up. I pay 1.5x as much as they do, still I hardly care if it doubles, except the corresponding price rises are painful. Next will be global warming… water shortage… power generation problems… pollution… ah whatever. They learn late, but they finally do. ;)

  4. Claude Says:

    Two more:

    - Rooms are tiny and overpriced.
    - Your key card turns the lights on/off

  5. PARK DEE Says:

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  6. cytaty Says:

    The best hotels are in Poland!

  7. sofia hotels Says:

    according to my experience, a typical feature of the European hotels is the continental breakfast – it usually consists of coffee and milk with a variety of sweet cakes and pastries such as brioche and croissant. Sometimes it also includes sliced salami or ham. In some northern european countries (the Netherlands, Scandinavia) add a bit of fruit and cheese to the bread menu, occasionally even a boiled egg.

  8. Hotel Reservation Says:

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  9. vegas packages Says:

    wow, european hotels has nothing to do with the hotels in the U.S. Small family hotels and youth hostels would never be that popular in America.

  10. cheap hotels Says:

    You forgot to mention this – hotel room key slots trigger time-delayed sensors to turn off lights and air conditioning in rooms.

  11. Perfumy Says:

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  12. jameslouis Says:

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  14. Cape Town Hotels Says:

    That is so true… Couldn’t help giggling at how true some of them are. Entertaing post, Thanx!

  15. Cape Town Hotels Says:

    Great post and dito picture. I love European hotels.

  16. manchester hotels Says:

    Them showers are horrible especially if your in a dorm hostel and the shower is in the room.

  17. Dental Sunnyvale Says:

    LOL at the shower heads! I was really shocked when it moved around…my companion heard me scream slightly because of it.

  18. Przepis na lasagne Says:

    I agree with almost all except the showers. I have been in a few hotels in Italy and France recently and they looked a bit different, in fact a bath was more popular there, but perhaps you are right about the general tendention. Anyway thanks for an interesting post

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