Jun 10

You know you are in a European hotel…

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Euro Hotel

I have stayed in a fair share of hotels, and you can tell that you are in a European one when:

  • The bed is two twins pushed together. It looks quite big. Unfortunately you can’t used one whole side as you can’t sleep on the seam. The pillows are….. comfy
  • The toilet has two buttons. A small one, and a big one, depending on the need. I don’t understand why they don’t do that in the US. Next innovation: size of flush depends on the “weight” of what needs to be flushed
  • The TV controls your world. Setup wake up calls, keep the time with the clock, order room service
  • The shower is walk in. It consists of two panes of glass that try hard to keep in the water, but don’t. Andre Charland also noted that the shower heads always detach, and when attached they often move with a life of their own.