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Mar 07

Will it happen again?

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History and Trust

Microsoft stopped IE and messenger. Roz got on stage for years promising a native Office, and then when it gets here it is disappointing.

I like some of the MS stack. Expression Studio, Visual Studio, Silverlight, .NET, all promising.

It could have been for good reason (e.g. Safari really was decent then…) but, what about the trust?

And, when I see people the Olympics and the Library of Congress even signing up for Silverlight content? Erg.

5 Responses to “Will it happen again?”

  1. Christian Cantrell Says:

    I worry about more than software just getting discontinued. I worry about the quality. I’ve never been happy with the quality of a MS product on Mac. Sometimes it’s good to put it out of its misery.

  2. thunk Says:

    I was going to give you a hard time about your (ab)use of english, but then I thought maybe it’s not your native language, and you are just doing the best you can. After I read “About Me”, I don’t know what to say about your english.

  3. Miguel de Icaza Says:

    If Microsoft were to discontinue Silerlight on MacOS, people could use Moonlight (an open source implementation of Silverlight).


  4. Brian Says:

    I wish they would make Office for the iPhone, but for the exact reason you mentioned, nobody would trust them to keep supporting it forever. Until that happens, there will always be some business users who hold out for phones that support their document formats.

  5. miranda Says:

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