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Apr 23

Why hasn’t Sun created Sun Mesh?

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Sun Mesh

I was chatting with some nice folk at Web 2.0 Expo, and the topic of Live Mesh and Sun came up.

Imagine another dimension where this press released happened at JavaOne:

“Sun has taken their leadership role in the server hardware, operating system, Java platform, and now database world to create Sun Mesh, a top notch computing platform for the future”

If you think about it, Sun has the hardware and software to have made this happen. Instead we will get JavaFXOne with over 30 talks on it with the press release:

Learn a new language to get a Flash/Silverlight thing, oh and have you seen how many phones are out there!

I mean really, why are they focusing on the wrong thing here? They could build mesh ready hardware, Solaris, JVM, distributed MySQL and add APIs to help with sync issues and other productivity things.

Hell, others like Coherence, Terracotta, GigaSpaces, and many others are taking Java and making this grids. Sun should have been doing that. Maybe they should buy one of them (Coherence is taken thanks to Oracle).

Am I wrong?

7 Responses to “Why hasn’t Sun created Sun Mesh?”

  1. Sol Young Says:

    You’re right, but Sun would inevitably focus on Java. I think that’d be a big turnoff.

    If they went with javascript and open microformats, maybe x2… But again, they’re experts in Java, and would probably stick to Java everywhere, instead of optimizing for the target platform. That would limit their reach.

    That said – I’m all for Sun competing in this arena. I’d be all over a Sun Mesh.

  2. Chris Custine Says:

    Somehow Azul comes to mind here as well. So not only is Sun not doing it, but they had to make a mess of Azul’s attempts to fulfill something similar.

  3. Michael Says:

    Sun is definitely working grid/cloud computing. That is the current “next big thing” y’know. A couple of years ago I wanted my computer to get the Web 2.0. Now I want one of those cloud computers.

    Kidding aside, they are definitely working on this. They are well positioned as you mentioned. Of course they will be late to the party, because they are Sun.

    Don’t mistake Mesh for the cloud. It is just the opposite. It tries to keep your PCs relevant so that you don’t need the cloud.

  4. Diego Parrilla Says:

    Sun is probably working on it years ago, but they are not agile in the development of products anymore.

  5. Luke Says:

    I’m reporting you to Google for not using Blogger.

  6. Guy Sayar Says:

    Sun does have some offering around this area. Not sure how succesfull it is though:

  7. Al Says:

    Actually Dion I think they did but it was too early.

    Checkout :

    I remember being really excited by it at the time


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