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Mar 30

Use AOP to maintain legacy Java applications

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I somehow missed the developerWorks article: Use AOP to maintain legacy Java applications.

What is more interesting to me than the tech in the article itself, is that fact that these articles are coming out.

Developers are starting to read about AOP and its various uses. This article discusses a use case which is simple to get your feet wet. You can play with aspects in development to mine your code, and it never touches the more dangerous grounds of production.

Every time I hear an AOP expert discuss the ramp-up of AOP they show “the curve”. The curve talks about how you can start dinking around in development (tracing and such) and slowly move up the stack as you become more familiar with AOP. Learning to think in AOP isn’t trivial so this approach is very much needed…. to ramp up your brain. You will make mistakes at first (as with any new tech) and you don’t want your first mistakes to cross-cut on every piece of code in your running production system.

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