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Mar 30

Go Groovy! JSR 241 approved by all

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Congrats to James, Richard Monson-Haefel, and everyone involved with Groovy.

It was great to see that the JCP Approves Groovy Language JSR: Sun endorses language.

This really is a great precedent for the Java platform. There was a time where the JVM had a bunch of languages, yet Sun didn’t want anyone to know / help / etc. Sun had the “one language, many platforms” approach versus Microsoft’s “many languages, one platform” take.

Now we can move to “right language for the job, many platforms” which will be good for everyone. The funny part of it all is that in real projects we have always used many languages: Java, perl scripts, bash, cmd.exe, SQL, velocity, JSP, XML, etc.

It would be great if some of the JVM developers did some work on optimising for dynamic languages too.

It’s a Groovy day.

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