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Aug 05

Tough Love: How Steve could make us all like Flash more

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I was reading Om Malik’s interview with Kevin Lynch of Adobe, and mulling over the mobile question.

After reading, I popped online to view the menu for the Tandoori Grill in Boulder (I love that place!). They use Flash for the menu, which doesn’t make the iPhone happy. I cursed again, as their is no work around until either:

  • It gets on the iPhone (and I think it will)
  • Someone does the crazy Flash on the server hacks

After cursing, I sat down and realized that the tough love that Steve Jobs is giving Adobe could actually be a good thing for everyone (including Adobe!). You have to bet that the Adobe Flash / mobile teams are working their arse off getting Flash small and compact in a way they never have had to before. I am sure they will get there, and the day that Steve can pop open the debug Safari build and see that it runs Flash nicely without sucking the battery life, he will give it the OK. When that happens, we will not only have Flash on the iPhone, but also a much leaner and meaner Flash that can run on the desktop. A true win-win?

2 Responses to “Tough Love: How Steve could make us all like Flash more”

  1. funtomas Says:

    Well, maybe Steve is betting on canvas, the Apple’s invention which is about to replace Flash in the future.

  2. dion Says:


    Maybe… but even if canvas takes off, I don’t think we will see the death of Flash, so it would still be nice to be able to view that side of the Web.

    Also, canvas doesn’t do much for video… so he will also be betting big on HTML 5 and

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