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Apr 14

TiVo: Give me a better season pass UI

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I love my TiVo. However, one item that I really wish I could see in a OS upgrade would be a better way to handle season passes.

At the moment, if I add a season pass to a show, TiVo dutifully goes off into its data and does a nice sort, to see what conflicts exist.

At the end of this piece of work, I get shown where the conflicts are, and get a choice of:

  • Record the shows which don’t have conflicts
  • Record all of them
  • Cancel the season pass

This just isn’t enough. I want TiVo to be able to show me the conflicts individually, and let me make a choice “A or B”. Then, if I choose one, go out and try to find the show I *didn’t record* on another time (this is why I wish big shows would run at 4am and the like so TiVo can find them then).

It is particularly annoying when you have shows like the Daily Show, which doesn’t seem to offer metadata. This means that if you have a season pass, TiVo will be recording the daily show every other bloody hour.

I wish we could force networks to give up the metadata, or maybe TiVo could do a hash of the show stream, and then if the new one matches, don’t record it again!

4 Responses to “TiVo: Give me a better season pass UI”

  1. Craig Says:

    > I want TiVo to be able to show me the conflicts individually, and let me make a choice “A or B”.

    This isn’t possible to do for an entire season at once. It only gets directory listings for 1-2 weeks worth of shows at a time. I wish you could set precendence rules for resolving conflicts at record time:

    - if one show is a repeat, resolve the conflict by recording the other show.


  2. Brian Says:

    With the rise of the “61 minute” shows, I’d like to see a “start this one when the conflicting one ends” option. Sucks having to do a manual just to get West Wing and Lost recorded.

  3. TadalafilHERE Says:

    Totally agree with Brian. manual sucks…

  4. DaveG Says:

    How about notification that the season pass with “first showing only” option is now for a show that has been cancelled. I have a few passes for shows that I found out recently will never work again. It would be nice to know. Maybe this is a TV problem, not a TiVo one but I can dream, can’t I?

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