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Apr 18

Call by Locality

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I find myself falling for using the Call By Locality pattern. This revolves around calls that I make on my mobile, depending on MY physical location. For example, I was just in europe, and flew via Minneapolis. When at the airport, I called a friend who just had a child, and family that lives there to chat. It isn’t like I was able to see them or anything, so I could have been calling from anywhere… but I did it there.

I did the same in London. When I landed, I started to text my old mates to say hi, even if I couldn’t see them. It isn’t like I couldn’t have done that from home.

I even had a call from an English friend who is living in Canada, calling me in England, as he knew I was there!

I know the simple answer is that being somewhere reminds you of a person, but it always makes me laugh.

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