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Feb 05

The @third Wheel

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The @third Wheel

There is that strange feeling when you get in the middle of a @conversation on Twitter. Often you get to only see one side of a conversation that is a huge time waster:

@bob Ok
@harry I totally agree with what you said!

If you are frustrated you may click on @harry just to see what the bloke said, but you will normally regret it. On the other hand, in rare circumstances you will find someone you really want to follow. Riiiiight.

3 Responses to “The @third Wheel”

  1. Cyndy Aleo-Carreira Says:

    It’s far, FAR worse when you get no acknowledgment of the @morepopularperson you sent.

    Twitter is like high school all over again.

  2. Lachlan Hardy Says:

    You can fix that with @replies settings they introduced a few months back:

  3. Phil Whitehouse Says:

    If only more people would follow @tencommandments…. (

    Current annoyance is following people who protect their timeline, so you can’t reply to them for fear of annoying people following you who can’t see their comments even if they wanted to…argh!

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