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Jan 22

The development circle of life

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The development circle of life

Of course, you can insert many other technologies and years. And, 2010 is a hopeless guess :)

5 Responses to “The development circle of life”

  1. Dimitri Glazkov Says:

    Hello from 2010. It’s kind of desolate, but still livable :)

  2. Mike Kaufman Says:

    Funny and painful at the same time. Getting to Javascript seems all too believable. I’ve avoided it for years, other than dabbling as and when necessary (and pretty much loathing it), but recently found myself reading up on it “properly” as I’m starting to need liittle bits here and there and it seems increasingly crucial. Even starting to see how one could come to like it…

  3. noah Says:

    I hope not 2010. I really like it right now. But then again, it may take 2 years to teach functional programming to the J2EEs. JavaScript 2 in 2010 would be fantastic.

  4. replicahandbags Says:

    thanks for your share.

  5. frank Says:


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