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Feb 15

The cloud can get foggy, but your house can blow up

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Oh my god. S3 had some downtime!

The world is in chaos. Don’t they know that we depend on them? Don’t they know this is utility computing?

Well, so is the water system, but even that breaks at my place from time to time. Or some chink in the armour appears. Just this morning someone had to come over to replace the water heater which was leaking. Although the utility was working fine, it didn’t matter much if I couldn’t heat it up!

As Charlie Wood says downtime happens, and of course you should plan for it.

I see this kind of out break a lot on other “outsourced” applications. Take Gmail for example. If Gmail is down for a second it appears on TechCrunch. However, how often has your works Exchange system “gone down”?

We need to compare these services to live before hand. How often did your ISP go down, or your managed host? Do you remember what it was like when you had that crappy virtual slice at

It is time to chill a little on the cloud.

Electric Cloud

One Response to “The cloud can get foggy, but your house can blow up”

  1. Mark Holton Says:

    completely agree. … very excited about S3… hopeful Google will also unveil a similar service & start some competition in deployment to the cloud/ hosting on the cloud…

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