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Aug 05

Tangosol releases Coherence 2.2

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Tangosol have released 2.2 of their great Coherence product. We will definately be upgrading TheServerSide to use this new version. Since I live 5 mins from the Tangosol offices, I can even walk over for support. How great is that!

Some of the new features:

- Application caches can be completely configured using XML deployment descriptors, even for complex multi-tier cache infrastructures. Cache server processes are now supported out-of-the-box, allowing applications to select among in-process, out-of-process and near-cache models at deployment time.

- Applications can define custom cache-eviction policies, in addition to the built-in LRU, LFU and LLRFU (Logarithmic Least Recently/Frequently Used) algorithms. Caches can also be be configured to automatically overflow to disk, to limit memory consumption for extremely large caches and to handle unpredictably large data requirements.

- Configurable thread pools are now provided to ensure the scalable performance of Coherence-based Grid Computing Architectures, Paritioned Caches, parallel-distributed cache queries and database-backed caches.

- Cache statistics, from evictions all the way down to the clustering and network layers, have been standardized and their coverage dramatically expanded.

Read more info on TheServerSide

Go directly to Tangosol Coherence

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