Jul 27

Monkey Balls: Watch out Threadless

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A couple of folks pinged me about the monkey balls comment in my last post, so here is what is going on.

I enjoy a nice game of table tennis (much more civilized than ping pong don’t you think?). Unfortunately, my table didn’t quite work when I moved to Palo Alto.

Fortunately, there is a nice basement in the family cabin in Eldora, Colorado. My father-in-law and his brother tirelessly took a shipment out from the storage closet in the midwest, and this shipment included the table.

Now that we could move in to the new abode, we got the table ready and the action really kicked off when Madeline (sis-in-law) brought over some other summer-lovin (read: not working and having too much fun) mates who make good margs.

Unfortunately, the new pad has the white wall thing going on, which made it hard for some of these young folk to see the ball. The solution, thankfully was not to take Sharpee pens to the walls, but instead to the balls. With a copy of The Onion on the bed, everyone set to creating a true work of art that included two monkeys, a mountain lake panorama (Lake Dorthy to be exact), tiger stripes, multi-colors, and some HEAT.

You can watch a short snippet of the frolicking:

Wait a minute, they don’t have jobs! How about taking the Threadless.com model and putting it to use on ping pong balls! Have people send in designs, and people buy the best of them!

Of course, not only are these used for table tennis itself. The great college sport of Beer Pong could be a sure fire game to sell into. What about sponsorship? iBeer for the iPhone was a great idea for Carlsburg. You grab a “game” that is an ad for their product! How about a Carlsberg set of pong balls? Each one has less beer in it than the last!