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Mar 28

Spring 1.2 RC1 Release

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The Spring Framework team has done it again ;) Their latest release (1.2 RC1) contains interesting enhancements.

The big guns are:

  • Hibernate 3 support
  • JMX: JMX support for export of Spring beans, annotations, and more.
  • AOP: improved AOP TargetSourceCreator mechanism
  • TX: transaction annotation support for JDK 1.5+

There are also some small items which I am excited about. For one, we now have a short-hand way of defining beans in properties:

<property name=”sessionFactory” ref=”sessionFactory”/>

There is also a lot of talk on using Spring with Jython:

Spring 1.2 RC1 Announcement

Dear Spring community,

It’s Spring time :-)

I’m pleased to announce that Spring 1.2 RC1 has just been released. This release introduces a number of major new features:

* finer-grained distribution jar files, alongside the full spring.jar
* AOP Alliance interfaces are now contained in spring-aop.jar and spring.jar

* XML bean definition improvements (”ref” and “value” shortcut attributes
* improved AOP TargetSourceCreator mechanism (supporting LazyInitTargetSource too)

* transaction annotation support for JDK 1.5+ (annotation called
* improved WebLogicJtaTransactionManager (transaction names, isolation

* SqlRowSet support for JDBC (in conjunction with JdbcTemplate’s
* Hibernate3 support (in orm.hibernate3; Hibernate 2.1 support is still

* JMX support for export of Spring beans as managed resources and for MBean access
* Commons Attributes and JDK 1.5+ annotations for JMX MBean export

This release also contains many minor enhancements, for example:

* factored out BindingErrorProcessor strategy for ServletRequestDataBinder
* improved ParameterMethodNameResolver for Web MVC MultiActionController

For a detailed list of enhancements and bug fixes, see the changelog.

This release candidate is already considered stable and recommended for development use. We expect Spring 1.2 final to be released in late April.

Watch out for the Spring Web Flow preview release to follow later this week (for use with Spring 1.2)! Web Flow will also become part of the nightly build at that time.



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