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Mar 28

Continuation on the Web explained

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Mikael has got an interesting perspective wrt Continuations on the Web.

He talks about his path, taking a simple command line app which takes response from a user, and seeing how it maps to the world of the web.

I have been interesting in this marriage for awhile. I do like thinking of the users session in this way.

There are some good frameworks out there that support this style, such as:

And many others dabble…

7 Responses to “Continuation on the Web explained”

  1. Maarten Says:

    and I like RIFE for the continuations and so much more

  2. Geert Bevin Says:

    We have a presentation about how web continuations make web application development easier at java.net’s RIFE website: https://rife.dev.java.net/servlets/ProjectDocumentList?folderID=757

    It might help out people to understand it better too.

  3. Geert Bevin Says:

    Thanks for adding RIFE to the list :-)

  4. Geert Bevin Says:

    … and now for constructive commentary. There’s one think I dislike about the continuations-style. You typically always have to use one main ‘while’ loop that is executed until all steps are done if you’re creating a wizard and need to support back/forth navigation. I think that for these kind of functionalities, a higher level abstraction is more convenient (ie. a wizard feature that allows the individual implementation of each step and handles their navigation for you).

  5. gabriele renzi Says:

    in rubyland, the CoolContinuationFramework hat has been passed on from borges to Wee (see http://ntecs.de/blog?cat=Web).
    Wee has nice database integration with th Og orm, it can work without callcc, has a framework to automatically build web interfaces to data, and it comes with videos :D

  6. javierg Says:

    The link (http://www.phubuh.org/Media/Writing/Continuations/) seems to be broken. Wouldn’t you have a copy of the document you could point me to?

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