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May 16

Spammer, Comments

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Spammer Comments

I had a do a double check when I saw my comment stream the other day. There was a long list of spam comments like the top one, and then suddenly there was, what looked like, a real thoughtful response to one of my posts.

I sat there imagining a CAPTCHA farm in indonesia with a guy pluggin in spam crud, and actually being a smart chap who puts real comments into threads now and then.

Or, it could just be a glitch in the matrix…. nice to dream though.

3 Responses to “Spammer, Comments”

  1. Scott Says:

    I imagine if they’re smart, they might try to post some “targeted” comment that appears to be actually related to the blog in question – hence a canned,generic comment about Rails, etc. – and thus increasing the chance, perhaps, of acceptance/appearance on the blog.

  2. Ryan Stewart Says:

    I like that theory….becuase I’m a huge optimist.

    But it does make a nice story. Maybe he’s been doing some ruby programming at nights during his crappy spam job.

  3. Victor Says:

    Hi Dion,this is Victor,sorry for the spammer stuff,but I made no ill intention to rock the boat,just wanna increase the link popularity of our web.
    Thanks for your generosity and if possible,leave the “spammers” there as what they are.no more spammers for your blog from this guy.thanks again.

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