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Oct 25

Rails Academy: Now video on setting up and using Rails on Windows

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Rails first put out a video of a Mac OS X desktop setting up a simple blogging application right in front of your eyes. This has turned into the Rails Academy, and more videos are being added.

For example, there are now new lessons in which you see a full install from scratch on Windows.

It would be funny to do a parady in which someone starts from scratch, sets up a JVM, an application server, an IDE, downloads a bunch of open source tools, etc ;)

2 Responses to “Rails Academy: Now video on setting up and using Rails on Windows”

  1. toobi-ased Says:

    Pings from the Java world

    Java is a closed chapter in my book of programming expirience ( to keep the book analogy : it was a boring one ) but its nice that folks stuck there appreciate my work.

  2. Disfunzione Erettile Says:

    It works!

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