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Oct 26

How to build maintainable systems: Simple design

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Jon Tirsen has ranted on How to build maintainable systems: Simple design.

I have a funny suspicion that the reason that he blogged this was:

I have been to places that had frameworks of hundreds and hundreds of classes that when it came down to it did the equivalent functionality of about two mid-sized classes work. I kid you not.

My guess is he came back from one of these “places” and had to blog again.

Finding a simple design is always a tough thing to do. We always want to make the system as simple as possible, but not more so.

I have run into the issues that Jon spells out, and also the opposite.

I was at one client where the ENTIRE application was one mega-Servlet. Thousands of lines of code. One Servlet. Yup. One.

You could argue that the “design” was simple ;)

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  1. Emma Says:

    i have a problem with hacking delta 9000 decoder anybody with an idea?

  2. Mike Says:


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