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May 15

Palm Developer Day: Walking through the announcements in our keynote

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Ben and I gave a keynote at the Palm Developer Day where we set up the event, and also shared some of the technology that we are working on for developers. There are a lot of fun APIs, such as:

  • Accelerated CSS transforms and animations
  • JavaScript Services: You have always been able to publish messages to the Palm service bus (e.g. launch an application) but how about being able to subscribe and run code on the flip side? You will be able to do just that with JavaScript Services. You will get access to a slew of libraries in that world (your own process too!):
    • Background asynchronous services
    • File I/O
    • Binary JavaScript types
    • Low-level network I/O
    • “Medium-level” HTTP via CURL
    • Fast XML streaming parser
  • db8: what if you had access to a fantastic performant native JSON store? That is where db8 comes in, our new open source JSON datastore that includes:
    • Native JSON storage with query mechanism
    • Built-in primitives for easy cloud syncing (Easily query changed / deleted data, Designed to sync with CouchDB in the cloud)
    • Fine-grained access control for apps
    • Mobile-optimized and fast (especially for updates)
    • Pluggable back-end
  • Audio / Video Recording
  • Media Indexer Access
  • Secure Key Manager + Crypto Libs
  • Bluetooth SPP
  • Bonjour / Zeroconf

We just had fun doing a podcast on this and more. Join us as we go through the tech, and we also hope you enjoy the sales pitch at the 41 minute mark (not what you may think ;)

2 Responses to “Palm Developer Day: Walking through the announcements in our keynote”

  1. jelveh Says:

    wow! great stuff coming up! keep up the great work guys!

    developer / pre owner

  2. Jonas Bengtsson Says:

    db8 sounds very intriguing. You say it’s open source, got any more information about that or db8 in general?


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