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Apr 04

OS X Tiger: Paying for a point release

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I know that Apple likes you to pay for their point releases. In the past I have seen that the point releases are more than a typical point release.

However, there is still something pyschological about forking out that much money each release.

Tiger has some nice features, but nothing that really makes me think “WOW I NEED THAT”. Maybe I haven’t seen it yet. An automator, RSS in Safari, and others are certainly not it. I will be interested in Spotlight though, and some of the other features.

I think it would be easier to stomach as a subscription model. I am always happy when I see Software Update jump up and grabbing the latest and greatest applications. I appreciate that hardworking developers like me ;) are working on this stuff and need to be paid.

It would feel better if I paid for a subscription for $X/year that granted me access to new features, including new OSes.

But maybe that is just me.

8 Responses to “OS X Tiger: Paying for a point release”

  1. Justin Gehtland Says:

    Hey, Dion, I’m all over your blogments today! Anyway, much as I don’t want to pay for Tiger either, I think the three things worth paying for are:

    1) Spotlight
    2) & 3) the apps that CoreVideo and CoreImage will enable

    Everything else is, as you say, just point fluff.

  2. Ryan Tyer Says:

    You can pay for a subscription like that…When I bought my powerbook, I signed up for the ACC Membership (Student in my case). Every month I get updates to the developer toolkit and new version of the os as they come out. It is rather costly for the non student versions, though (500 for basic, 3500 for the one that includes hardware discout), but it’s something to consider if you’re hardcore. Those versions also get the early access seeding for the operating systems (and jvm’s for that matter).

  3. Charles Miller Says:

    I’ve been running Tiger on my home machine for a while now, but unfortunately that pesky developer connection NDA rather restricts what I can say about it.

    I believe the real value of Tiger lies under the hood. The new APIs being introduced such as Spotlight, CoreVideo, CoreData, .Mac Syncing, the Dashboard, and whatever secret magic Steve has been keeping behind the curtain to unveil at WWDC this year, mean that while you might not want Tiger immediately, eventually all your favourite apps are going to be telling you “If you had Tiger, you could do this really cool thing you can’t do in the Panther version”.

  4. Sam Pullara Says:

    Just sign up for an ADC select membership. Not only do you get all the software you are talking about, you also get it prerelease. Additionally you get 20% off a computer and 10% off a monitor once a year. All for $500… well worth it if you upgrade early and often. For me, it pays for itself with the discount.

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