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Apr 04

Holy Google Satellite!

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A friend pointed out the new ‘Satellite’ link on Google Maps.

Go to an address and hit it to see it kick in!

That is very very cool.

Now I just want Google to be more personalized friendly… and let me save common places so I don’t have to type my damn home address in all the time when I do directions ;)

Oh, and it will be really nice to get more map data in there (satellite runs out in many places, and europe will be a nice addition too ;)

And, wouldn’t it be nice to have state lines, lines around cities, etc etc. It can be hard to know what you are looking at sometimes when all you see is Satellite data.

It doesn’t even remember what you have typed before.

It is cool how the satellite work can piggy back off of the standard maps. Instead of mt.google.com there is now kh.google.com which returns the squares as satellite images rather than 2D maps. It is also interesting to see the subtle Google copyright as a watermark.

5 Responses to “Holy Google Satellite!”

  1. Col Says:

    This is not as cool as the satellite imagery (I just spent 10 minutes dragging around New York :-)), but I found a ‘easter egg’ in google maps!
    See my blog for details.

  2. Col Says:

    my name wasnt turned into a URL as I expected it to be, so here:

  3. Adrian Says:

    You can just enter a zip code (US) or postal code (Canada) to go to an address.

  4. calin Says:

    this guy did it 6 months before google, and even today, his technology is far superior to google’s. Look at it, play with it, and then return to the crappy google watermarks:


  5. Anonymous Says:

    I wrote a simple program which:
    1. converts latitude and longitude to image number for kh.g__gle.com
    2. downloads images from kh.g__gle.com
    3. stitches downloaded images to one large satellite image
    4. stamps the latitude and longitude of image corners

    If you are interested you can find it here

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