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Feb 13

Ode to Disneyland

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Ode to Disneyland

I had an enjoyable first trip to Disneyland. It isn’t the typical trip that I would take in the past and I never did this kind of thing as a kid. Sam had a fantastic time, which is all I really wanted.

I did have to fight back the cynic in me though, and I let it out in the comic above. That doesn’t even mention the part of the parade that talks about how Disneyland inspires the world, or how it is the most beautiful and PEACEFUL place on Earth ;)

I did have some fun though:

Buzz Lightyear Disneyland Game

3 Responses to “Ode to Disneyland”

  1. Chris Says:

    Hi, I’m taking the family on our first (maybe last 9^) trip to Disneyland next week.
    The wife is going crazy planning, if it was a sw project she’s be the Architect with the 5 year plan! Did you plan much?


  2. dion Says:

    I didn’t plan much, and should have done more. Remember to get the daily schedule, if busy check out California across the way. Quite a few rides were closed too which was a shame. I also expected that it would be easier to fin characters but they were few and far between.

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