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Jan 03

Netflix fellow endorsing Blockbuster?

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Adding an application doesn’t equal endorsement.

This showed up once again to me today as I had to do a double take on a sponsored piece of content in my mini feed:

Movie Clique

Hmm. Why is this strange? Well, Bill Scott is the UX dood at Netflix. This ad makes it looks like he is endorsing public enemy #1, Blockbuster. I haven’t emailed Bill, but the case is probably more that he wanted to give it a looksy. Who doesn’t?

What is Movie Clique?

A Facebook app from Blockbuster that:

  • Share: List which movies you’ve seen and which you want to see.
  • Suggest: Let your crew know about a must-see flick.
  • Rate: Stick it to the critics by rating movies yourself.
  • Review: Good? Bad? Ugly? Tell everyone exactly what you think.
  • Play Favorites: Make a list of your favorite movies of all-time.
  • Queue it Up: Link Movie Clique to your account and add movies to your Queue right from Facebook.

Movie Clique Ad

Next we will see “Steve Jobs added the application Windows Vista” and the like.

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