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Dec 15

My iPhone stopped working, and was fixed with a technical solution

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I land in SFO after the fun flight from London which I luckily didn’t miss (Mark Reinhold, also). What do I do after I land? Why turn on my iPhone of course. There is an obvious desire to check email and voice mail as SOON as you land a plane. Just look around.

The problem was that I couldn’t hear any voice mail. Hmm. I try to call, and no cigar. When I got to the car I could use the bluetooth integration, and it worked fine.

So, I did what I normally do, and I setup an appointment at the Stanford shopping mall store. I just got here, and after a lot of testing they realised that some lint fell into the mic line, and the sensor there told the phone “oh, the headset is on, so pump all AV out through that”.

So, if you don’t hear anything out of your phone, and it wasn’t the speaker setting, or audio sources, give this a try: blow into your mic input.

64 Responses to “My iPhone stopped working, and was fixed with a technical solution”

  1. Jose Says:

    What an easy solution :P

  2. Abe Fettig Says:

    I’ve been having the same problem lately. Really annoying, especially when I call someone and then can’t hear anything since audio is being sent to the headphone jack. My fix has been to re-insert and remove the headphone connector, which has been doing the trick today. But I’ll have to try to figure out if there’s some lint jammed down in there.

  3. Ahmed Says:

    I have a big problem with my iphone. After I received the “low disk space” msg many times, I restarted the iphone then suddenly it couldn’t start again!!
    Pls help.

  4. Ahmed Abuyabis Says:

    just bought an iphone from saudi arabia,i used it for around 2 months,then it started switching off alon after i stop playing the music,i restarted it multipul times,but it just dont seem to work,then today i tried to restart it ,i could not,so my iphone is standered with a black screen,,,,,please any one out there ,help me if you know the solution….thanks

  5. Ross Davidson Says:

    Thanks for the tip, as soon as I blew into the mike I cant sound back in the ear piece. Tremendous… Thanks for saving my iPhone

  6. replica bags Says:

    very good.thank you!

  7. Sana K Says:

    Hey ahmed,

    This ones for u..same thing as u described happened with me. The same EXACT thing..and so what I did was hold the Home button and the power button at the top together for about 10 seconds and I kept doing that on and off for a while..I read that somwhere..Do it for 10 secs, let go, then do it again, then let go..and so on..Do it 4-5 times and then I read the first kalimah and turned it on. It worked..InshAllah I hope yrs works too…:)

  8. Ahmed Abuyabis Says:

    ya thanks,,,but i allready bought a new iphone by then,,,anyway i realy upreciate your concern,,,Id like to know if your a saudi who live in saudi arabia,this is my Email [email protected]..:)

  9. Halloosin8 Says:

    Wow!! I had the same problem today, and you were spot on! Blow into the port and it’s fine – amazing. Thanks heaps!

  10. Munusamy Says:

    Hi Sana K,

    I had the same problem. Your suggestion helped me switching on the iphone.

    Thank you very much. Have a good day.


  11. SusieQ Says:

    Hi Sana

    Thanks so much. I knew holding both buttons for ten seconds should normally turn the phone back on, but when it didn’t I kept giving up! After reading your instructions I did it a second time immediately after the first 10 second hold and hey presto, my lovely iphone back in the land of the living. Can’t thank you enough.

  12. John Says:

    Thanks so much for helping me with my problem.


  13. Dan Says:

    wow thanks Sana it helped bring my iphone back to life..

  14. Ammar Badi Says:

    hi Sana
    thx warda ur method helped me :D
    i thought it will never work again then after i do what u said its back on thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks

  15. reemz Says:

    my iphone fell home button is not working and now it doesnt open too..wot should i do?

  16. Brian Says:

    Wow, Sana you Rock! It totally worked!!! Kudos on you, you’re my savior. ;P

  17. cb Says:

    Holding both buttons down for several times worked perfectly and saved me much time. Thanks for the help!

  18. master Says:

    Very nice
    I write a blog about stoping the fixed microphone
    and i tested also in linux
    This is the link
    thank you and nice work

  19. Hetal Says:

    Holding down both buttons worked for me too! I almost freaked out without a phone to use! Try it if your screen goes black. IT really works!

  20. i had erase my iphone but its comming online sign of apple is comming but cannot start please help?? Says:

    please help

  21. Tej Says:

    i tried to jailbreak my iphone 2.2.1..with so much attempt..i couldnt..then i update my iphone to 3.0.1..again i tried to jailbreak…later i thought to restore/back up my iphone..it did..but now my iphone dont work..when i press home button it says to connect in i tunes…though my network status is displayed..when i slide the bar it goes to emergency call only..and when i open the itunes it says: “”The sim card inserted in this phone does not appear to be supported..
    only compatible SIM cards from a supported carrier may be used to activate iphone. Please insert the SIM card that came with yor iphone or visit a supported Carrier store to receive a replacement SIM card”"”
    Now that i bought this iphone when i was in US and i dont have that SIM…and now i’m using Aussie optus SIM…
    i dont know what to do..Please help

  22. melissa f Says:

    hello, my iphone was perfectly fine last nite, so i connected to my pc n i was doing my updates for itunes on my laptop, after that i only see a black screen which it says connected to itunes, eventhough its not connected to pc anymore, n im only allowed to call 911, i connected my iphone to my pc again, n i could see all my pics but nothings, i dont see my applications, n itunes on my pc says this iphone can not be reconized

  23. Joseph Says:

    I just put my iPhone down on the desk while I ran to the shop and five minutes later I pick it back up and it’s turned itself off and will not restart. So I go on here and read how I must hold the top and home buttons on together for ten seconds and … yippy it’s back to normal … wonder why it went like that though .. I have it three months and this is the first time anything went weird on it . Still love it ..

  24. DD Says:

    Ditto – phone on the desk switches off for no reason – I followed the above advice held the home and the on/off button down for just over 10 seconds and it worked!

    Thank you

  25. AtomAlien Says:

    Yes it works thank you hold down buttons! This phone is given me static!

  26. Keita Monteiro Says:

    hey Sana, thank you man all the way from Africa. I iphone did the same exactly thing, which is, turned out over night and never turned on again, so I did what you suggested and bam, it´s working again, you rock man, I wish I knew you man so I could worship you, GOD BLESS YOU MY LORD

  27. rajeev kumar Says:

    I did following way , my phone started working…thanks

    Thanks so much. I knew holding both buttons for ten seconds should normally turn the phone back on, but when it didn’t I kept giving up! After reading your instructions I did it a second time immediately after the first 10 second hold and hey presto, my lovely iphone back in the land of the living. Can’t thank you enough.

  28. tony hurlow Says:

    My iphone stopped working and I read the ‘press two buttons at once’ advice – did it and hey presto it worked again! Brilliant, thanks.

  29. Anal Canal Says:

    Hi Sana K,

    Thanks for your advice. My iphone stopped working and your solution did the job! phew! Was worried for a moment!

  30. Amit Says:

    Hi Sana K,

    My iPhone wouldn’t switch on from this morning and I was getting panicky. The phone is less than a month old! I was frantically making calls to my service provider, to friends etc. Logged on this forum, tried your solution and Presto! the baby is working just fine now! Thank You!! Thank You!!!

  31. Frustated No More Says:

    My wife’s phone was having this issue for about a month. We tried everything (restarts, continuous restarts) to no avail. After reading this thread and talking to my wife she remembered something spilling in her purse around the time the problem began. I cleaned the mic area, vacuumed and then blew air using a hair blow dryer. Afterwards all seems to be working fine now. She is using the headset to make calls now. THANKS FOR THE TIP–it really works.

  32. Pauline Says:

    Brilliant tip re turning on the iphone. I too panicked when I couldn’t switch mine on. Pressed both buttons and it worked. Many thanks.

  33. Gabriel Says:

    Oh thanks Sana, it worked again!!

  34. ronaldo Says:

    Thank you very much.My Iphone shut down and I coudn’t turn on. Is brand new and have no insurance. I pressed the power and home button together for about 10 seconds and it stated working again. Thank you guys

  35. Robbie Grayson Says:

    Thanks, people. My brand new 32GB I-phone shut down. I tried to charge it but couldn’t. My night was almost ruined until I thought about googling for a solution. I held the home & power button for about ten seconds and it turned back on. God bless you.

  36. Connie Says:

    Just had same problem as Robbie – 32GB shutdown for no reason and I couldn’t get it to respond. Holding the 2 buttons worked. Thank YOU!!!!

  37. glister44 Says:

    My husbands phone did the same thing… I read this and the two button thing worked…thank god the phone is only 2 months old…any one know what causes it to shut down like that to begin with? He swears he didnt do anything to the phone, just went to use it and it wouldnt work. weird.

  38. barneyrj Says:

    I was weeping. My iPhone stopped working. Now I am happy. Thanks!!

  39. lei Says:

    one minute im recieving texts and looking at my pics with a friend the next my phone just does not work….i was baffled…then as time went on still nothing although when i rang it there was clearly still a connection….i then started to panic it worked on computer and everything but still just a blank screen!!! showing no life what so ever!!!
    so here i am searching for an answer as i am lost without my iphone!!! and i gave the hold both buttons for 10 seconds thing a go n it worked!!!! it only took me 3 attempts….hooooorar!!! thanks guys!!
    but i am still no wiser as to why ive paid £300 for a phone to just breakdown on me….is there a reason this happens?? and is it likely to happen again???

  40. Kay Says:

    Sana K, thank you so much for that tip! I thought my iPhone had broken as it wouldn’t turn on, wouldn’t charge, and wouldn’t connect to iTunes – I was pretty distraught as it has my entire life on there, and would have lost everything with a replacement. The two buttons thing brought it back to life, I am SO grateful!

  41. Saunders Says:

    That holding the 2 button thing for a dead black screen really worked thank god! I didn’t think it was going to work because I kept trying and trying then presto it was working!!! Thank you so much everyone!!!!

  42. Katherine Says:

    Wow – thank you so much – like everyone above my beloved iphone just decided to turn itself off, and then not back on again – aaargh!
    But the magic two button trick totally saved the day – brilliant! Thank you sooooooo much….

  43. Madhavi Says:

    Thank you Guys…. Same thing… my iphone too acted stubborn and just didn’t want to start – scared the hell out of me until I came across the magic – HOME + TOP button for 10 seconds…. Thanks a ton, you’ll made my day :) :)

  44. Grant Says:

    Thanks fantastic solution that really works took me 3 attempts & hey presto!
    Now of course the question anyone know why it happens?

  45. Cristina Says:

    Thanks. I was travelling and all my info was in my Iphone. Sundely it went dead. Completely dead. I did the two buttom trick and I have my Iphone working again :)

  46. Mohamed Says:

    Wow Sana you’re advice on holding the home button along with the on/off button at the same time worked a treat, THANKS…

    I left my phone on the desk tried to use it 20mins later & it was dead & would not respond to anything, i thought it was finished for good & needed a replacement….. Then i tried Sana’s advice and WOW its back working again….

    Thanks again Sana May Allah Reward you abundently. Ameen

  47. anish Says:

    thanks sana, your idea worked out for me , i was totally mad when the phone went off, tanks for you idea,,,,

  48. Claire Says:

    The holding down both home and power button 10 second trick multiple times worked for my friend who was about to go into deep depression without iPhone!! Thanks for the great advice… Lifesaver!

  49. Katie Says:

    just googoled and got this advice after a night at a major work event with no phone! thankyou sana!

  50. gary Says:

    worked a treat. Thanks guys. Great tips….

  51. Sharon : ) Says:

    OMG! Thank you, thank you, thank you to Sana K. and anyone else that mentioned holding the two buttons for 10 seconds to get my phone to turn back on! It worked and I am so happy to have my phone back! I haven’t had any issues with my phone and I have even dropped it in water on two separate occasions. I was afraid that my phone was toast because of the water exposure, but that it didn’t get ruined for a few months. I was thinking the battery was fried or the recharging connection was bad. Regardless, this tip was unknown to me until just now and I am elated to hear of it.

  52. NM Says:

    Thank you so much about the advice of holding the home & power button. It worked!! I had to hold the button down once for more than 10 seconds and then my i-phone 4 wa sback on. Hooray! The advice above saved me time and enenrgy. Thanks again!!!

  53. perry Says:

    Thanks so much about the advice of holding the home & power button as well. I thought my phone was a gonna!!
    Thank you so much!!!

  54. Derek Freeman Says:

    The comment from Sana worked on my iPhone 3. The screen had gone blank and the phone was essentially fully “dead.” However, holding the Home button at the bottom and the power button at the top for a count of ten got back to the Apple screen, then the main screen. Interestingly, it did not take a battery charge when it was in the “dead” state.
    I found this thread more helpful than the Apple.com one.

  55. John Shannon Says:

    Thank you! The tech solution worked. I held down the HOME button and the on/off which brought my iPhone back to life. Yesterday my iPhone worked as usual through about noon, when it suddenly went totally “dead”. Nothing I did get it started. I tried charging it (though I knew it was 80% charged) and the charge function did not work, did not indicate that it was on at all. Finding this site, I held down the two buttons and, after about ten seconds, the silver apple appeared and the phone works again. But why did it fail? Do this indicate a hardware problem with the phone? or software? Should I seek Apple technical assistance or AT&T?

  56. Andy Says:

    Hey Sana K,

    your advice worked like a charm! thanks so much

  57. Dave W Says:

    Thnak you it worked a treat

  58. John A Says:

    Sana thanks! Had the same problem everyone else had with my 3gs 16m iPhone. It went dead and didn’t respond to anything – - even calling it didn’t do anything. Holding the two buttons down for 10 seconds brought up the silver apple and then pushing the button again brought up the on slider at that was it. You live on with your helpful email of 29June2008

  59. lyn Says:

    perfect! was having kittens and withdrawl at iphone4 not working!! jan 2011

  60. Anon Says:


    I had the same problem – my iPhone switched itself off & would restart or at least was giving what I’ll call the “Black Screen of Death”. Your solution of trying to turn it on by pressing & holding both buttons simulationously for 10 sec worked first try, even though i had already tried turning it on again mulitple times – mut be the length of time holding the buttons.

    Thanks so much. My phone was fairly new & I was starting to freak out over prossibly breaking it!!

  61. Alicia T Says:

    OMG Thankyou soooo much Sana K You are a freaking life saver I swear!!! My I phone just turned to black. I couldnt turn it on or anything and what you said about the home button and power buton worked on the very first try. Thank you, Thank you!!!

  62. Sean Says:

    Thanks Sana K, fixed my iPhone too when it decided to play dead!

  63. Saleem Says:

    Thanx for the help it works again thanx Sana

  64. Louise Says:

    Wow! Thank you so much I MY brand new IPhone “died ” yesterday. I held down the HOME button and the on/off which brought my iPhone back to life. Thanks again! :-)

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