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Mar 11

Mono and Java on the iPhone

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Mono Java iPhone

Talking with code is powerful. Miguel posted screenshots of Mono running on the iPhone whereas Sun talked about Java running on it.

I always feel like I would like a reason to get into Mono, but never find one.

15 Responses to “Mono and Java on the iPhone”

  1. Dimitri Glazkov Says:

    Mono is a really high-energy project with some serious genius-power behind it. The whole Moonlight story just blew me away. These guys are the thing that Novell has “really going on” these days.

  2. Mark Hughes Says:

    Nobody needs a virus on the iPhone, and that’s all mono is.

    There’s no genius power anywhere near mono, and the only “energy” is from porting stuff from other platforms. It’s a third-rate, incomplete copy of MS’s third-rate copy of the JVM. That doesn’t take intelligence.

    Also, it’s for a jailbroken phone, not anything official. Whereas Sun might actually be able to talk Apple into letting them ship Java (it violates the contract by loading other apps), there’s no chance the mono project will even try talking to them.

  3. pipi Says:

    from mark hughes website:
    “I’m a Snob, and proud of it. This isn’t caused by my infatuation with the Mac and iTouch [...]”

  4. Stephen Says:

    > That doesn’t take intelligence.

    That’s self-evident from the things you are saying. You are embarassing yourself.

  5. Stephen Says:

    > That doesn’t take intelligence.

    That’s self-evident from the things you are saying. You are embarassing yourself.

  6. TTT Says:

    Mark Hughes, you are the biggest virus i’d ever seen.

  7. Alan Says:

    @Mark Hughes:

  8. miranda Says:

    very good
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  9. dude... what the crap Says:

    Dude… Mark Hughes, you’re an idiot…
    Neither Java or .NET (or even Mono) suck.. they’re all extremely nice. But I guess there will always be people like you in the world..

    BTW your blog smells bad

  10. Tom Wilson Says:

    Seriously…. I work with .Net every day. Considering the depth and power of the .Net framework coupled with the fast learning curve, I’m surprised at comments like “Mono is a virus.”

    I spent a few evenings trying to learn Cocoa and the iPhone SDK, but I just don’t have the spare time to learn yet another language and framework just so I can throw a couple of apps together.

    I’m looking for a specialized database application and a very specific remote control application. Neither will interest the general public at all, and since I’ve already written both programs, I’m hard pressed to find a reason to have to start over from scratch if I want to develop them on the iPhone. At least WinMo lets me port my source code (even if it means I have to re-design my forms).

    As to Java on the iPhone: I feel the same way I do about Mono on the iPhone. It needs to happen. As to the API restrictions… a Java ME applet on the iPhone couldn’t do anything that a Java ME applet on any other phone can’t do. So that issue is really a non-starter.

  11. Phobos Says:

    this only shows that while Sun cares about the legal implications of their actions, individuals like Miguel don’t… nothing to see here, move along

  12. Troy Says:

    I have two words for you Phobos: Fair Use

  13. Justin L Says:

    calling .net a third-rate copy of java is like calling java a third-rate copy of C.

    whether a bribed congress agrees or not, developing for a jailbroken iphone with osx or the free toolchain on a non-apple machine is as american as apple pie. vive le difference, vive le liberte, yes to fair use and competition, no to the lobbyist-bribery-sponsored DMCA. america is a country by the people for the people, not by the politicians for the corporations.

    you authorize congress and their lobbyist bribe buddies, not the other way around, and there’s nothing wrong with ignoring them when they get that mixed up and they tell a batch of lies about their right to rule you.

  14. Julien Gouesse Says:

    Rather use the true Java, it is better and faster. The OpenGL bindings in C# are twice slower than JOGL lol. Finally, it is already possible but not legal to install a JVM on an IPhone, Mono is not the only way.

  15. John Wilson Says:

    Mark, your web site says everything I need to know about the kind of intelligence you are. It’s too bad there isn’t a Crap Cleaner for erasing assinine web sites like yours.

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