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Jun 12

Jetpack: View-source Slidebar from the future

Mozila, Tech with tags: Add comments


It was cool to see the second release of Jetpack with its storage, slidebars, and time travel from the .future().

I quickly hacked up a trivial slidebar that lets me mouse to see the source of the current tab, and click on it to have it stick around. All in a few lines of code that use the new future API, slideBar, and tabs:

  url: "view-source:" + jetpack.tabs.focused.url,
  width: 500,
  onSelect: function(slide) slide({ size: 500 }),
  onReady: function(slide) $(slide.doc).click(function() {
    slide({ size: 500, persist: true });

Check out the screencast too:

3 Responses to “Jetpack: View-source Slidebar from the future”

  1. jmdesp Says:

    I think that synatx is incorrect. It should be :

  2. Mike Beltzner Says:

    Hot. Even hotter would be one that lets you do live edits of the page. Basically would become a funky little instant developer tool, playing with the source to see what happens.

  3. Sam Hasler Says:

    This is the first jetpack I’ve seen that’s actually useful. Could you package it up so that it can be installed without having to use the develop tab of about:jetpack.

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