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Sep 27

JBoss and Microsoft News

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Marc Fleury mentioned that there would be big news today for JBoss:

But I want to save the best for last :) But actually just a teaser because I will not say anything except that we GOT SOME DYNAMITE OF AN ANNOUNCEMENT COMING OUT ON TUESDAY MORNING. That’s right, I am chuckling under my breath when I think about it. The big-ness of it, the beauty of it, the surprise of it.

It will get the attention of mr Mills at’s for sure!…. Buaaahahahahahahaah

Watch the news on Tuesday. Right here, same channel. Go get the popcorn! entertainment ACOMIN’

The news that I saw today was
Jboss and Microsoft announce interop goals.

Now, there are some interesting things in there, and I think it is kinda a no-brainer for both sides.

JBoss wants to run better on Windows, which makes sense, especially since they said that ~50% of their deployments are on Windows (which is very interesting in itself).

Microsoft, well they live to sell the Windows Platform. Anyway to get more J2EE deployments on Windows is a win for them.

So, the news makes sense for both sides.

The Seam announcement is much bigger news IMO. They are going for the full stack, which Java really needs. If they pull it off with Seam that would be a big win. They will of course have competition from the other J2EE vendors, and Spring, which is only a good thing.

Off Topic: I was watching Chelsea, and suddenly listening to Jose Mourinho felt like listening to Marc :)

Congrats to JBoss on a good week.

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  1. andy Says:

    As an American, I feel I must remind you the soccer is boring.

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