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Sep 27

An example Ruby patch

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Todd Huss posted his thoughts on dealing with patches to dependencies that you rely on, in response to my Tweaking on the bleeding edge: Ruby vs. Java.

Sam Ruby found an issue in Rubys XmlMarkup builder.

He put up a fix for this which is very clean.

I much prefer this to a diff’d file for patch to run. Isn’t it a lot cleaner to see? A patch is real running code.

Also, since you are able to alias :foo :saved_foo you can even do something and call that old method!

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

# Portions copyright 2004 by Jim Weirich (
# Portions copyright 2005 by Sam Ruby (
# All rights reserved.

# Permission is granted for use, copying, modification, distribution,
# and distribution of modified versions of this work as long as the
# above copyright notice is included.

require 'config/environment'
require 'builder'
require 'test/unit'

class Builder::XmlMarkup < Builder::XmlBase
def _escape(text, extra={})
result = text.
gsub(%r{&}, '&').
gsub(%r{<}, '<').
gsub(%r{>}, '>')
extra.each_pair {|key,value| result.gsub!(key, value)}
return result

# Insert the attributes (given in the hash).
def _insert_attributes(attrs, order=[])
return if attrs.nil?
q = {'"' => '"'}
order.each do |k|
v = attrs[k]
@target << %{ #{k}="#{_escape(v,q)}"} if v
attrs.each do |k, v|
@target << %{ #{k}="#{_escape(v,q)}"} unless order.member?(k)

class TestEscaping < Test::Unit::TestCase

def setup
@xml =

def test_element_gt
assert_equal '<title>2>1</title>',!

def test_element_amp
assert_equal '<title>AT&T</title>',!

def test_element_amp2
assert_equal '<title>&amp;</title>',!

def test_attr_less
@xml.a(:title => '2>1')
assert_equal '<a title="2>1"/>',!

def test_attr_amp
@xml.a(:title => 'AT&T')
assert_equal '<a title="AT&T"/>',!

def test_attr_quot
@xml.a(:title => '"x"')
assert_equal '<a title=""x""/>',!


3 Responses to “An example Ruby patch”

  1. Todd Huss Says:

    I thought this comment was a good description of how to transparently over-ride behaviour for a group of developers in Ruby. Now I better understand how you can quickly and safely fork a core library:

  2. freefly Says:

    i want to ruby program to modifikasi my kernel

  3. freefly Says:

    i have plan to making clone my computer, i want linux program,but i have problem with my VGA card pci,please help me,how to making clone with linux,please send address to program ruby to modifikasi ruby patch.thanks b4.

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