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May 07

JavaOne 2008, or was it 2007?

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JavaFXOne kicked off yesterday, and I captured pieces of the keynote which are seen below as separate videos in the custom player. Someone nailed the keynote pretty well when they said “Shouldn’t this have been last years keynote?” Nothing was actually announced here. The only “you can get this today” code drop was for Update 10 which has been out for months!

Update 10 has some cool features though, and the updates to the Java Plugin are key. If Sun spent a tenth of their time on that versus JavaFX they could do great things. Use it as an extension point instead of a paint mechanism!

Well, now off to polish the presentation that Ben and I give at 4pm today. A sneak peak: If you fancy watching a demo that involves the Wii, show up for a bit of fun!

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  1. Edwin Khodabakchian Says:

    Hi Dion,
    Do you know if Google has any plans to allow creation of Java-based gears modules?

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