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Mar 15

Google Code Source Code Browser Released

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Jason Robbins and Jenan Wise have released a new Ajax source code browser for Google Code project hosting:

We recently launched a new source code browsing tool as part of Google Code’s project hosting feature. This new tool makes it easy to navigate through a project’s Subversion repository. Key features include: fast directory browsing tree, syntax highlighting, history of changes, and easy-to-read diffs. See it yourself under the “Source” tab of any project that we host.

The new system certainly feels fast, and uses jQuery to flip around in short order, jumping through the revisions of your system, expanding into new directories, etc.

This change required a change to my Google Code greasemonkey script that adds a direct link to the trunk. It now takes you right to the trunk of the code in the new browser!

Google Code source code browsing

5 Responses to “Google Code Source Code Browser Released”

  1. colbert Says:

    this is pretty cool. my friend also told me about some search engine the other day the allows you to look for code snippets

  2. Philipp Lenssen Says:

    Sigh… when expanding a sub tree and clicking on an item in it, and then hitting the back button, the tree elements are all collapsed again. A good example of where Ajax/ DHTML/ whatever they use hurts accessibility/ usability.

  3. Tom Davies Says:

    @Philipp — If they’d used GWT its back button support would have made maintaining that sort of state quite simple. You just encode the ids of the open tree elements into your history state token, and restore them on page load.

  4. Santosh G Bhat (SVCE) Says:

    I am doing Seminar on Ajax, i got lot info from this Web site, by clicking the back button, the tree elements are broken down i.e., exhausted seems to be sudden failure has been occurred…
    You just follow the traditional approach of html request for back button i.e., when user clicks back button if it not a POSTDATA simply restoring the previous page when it has opened earlier as it is by saving it on client machine….

  5. dammmie Says:

    greasemonkey script rule!!!!!

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