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May 18

Adrian kissing Girls (using AspectJ and Spring)

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Adrian was so shy about creating his blog, yet he is coming out with great stuff! In his latest entry he gives us a simple (yet clean) example of using AspectJ with Spring.

This is the first of what I envisage will be several entries exploring how AspectJ and Spring can be used together. Today I’m just going to introduce a very simple example that I can build on in later posts, and that shows an aspect working seamlessly (if unsurprisingly) in a Spring application. The example takes its inspiration directly from Aslak’s pico container talk at TSS.

From a Spring perspective (the AspectJ pieces of this example could equally well be used with pico, nano, or HiveMind), the example hinges around a Girl kissing a Boy, and the question of how our Girl finds her prince charming.

Read Adrian Using AspectJ with Spring – part 1

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