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Feb 26

Yahoo! Pipes using Google Library Isn’t News

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Yahoo! Pipes uses the canvas in IE library that a Googler put out there on Google Code.

Also, a lot of the useful endpoints for Pipes are at Google, so there are links there too.

A few people have emailed saying that they are a little surprised by that.

I find it a shame that people are surprised. We are one web community, and I would be more surprised if a team Yahoo! reimplemented the IE canvas code. The same goes for seeing useful YUI code in something that Google did.

I sincerely hope that Google and Yahoo! work together where it makes sense, as they are both friends of the open web. We are down the road to each other too darn it so it is easy to meet up and chat.

One Response to “Yahoo! Pipes using Google Library Isn’t News”

  1. Sam Says:

    People must be really freaked out by this combination of GWT and YUI:

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