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Apr 21

What the bleep do we know?

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I got to see a film that I have wanted to see for awhile now: What the bleep do we know?!.

This is part documentary, part story, part exploration.

It is my kind of movie. One where you are actually encouraged to THINK while you suck it all in. Imagine that.

I think that we are at a particularly interesting time, as we learn and start to think about Quantum Physics, and the affects of probability.

These ideas are so alien to us, that they can really help us think differently. From there I think we will be able to open up a little, and reach another level.

Everything is an illusion. Enjoy the mystery.

NOTE: Ugo Cei thinks that by liking the movie I have joined a cult ;)
He points to a skeptical document.

We did chuckle a little at the woman wish the strange accent: Ramtha. She actually looked like ‘Stiflers Mom’ too.

I replied:

By thinking a movie is interesting, and gives you something to think about, doesn

7 Responses to “What the bleep do we know?”

  1. Wilkes Joiner Says:

    What the bleep and I heart Huckabee’s are both excellent attempts at very difficult subject matter. They both have their hits and misses, but best efforts yet to weave quantum physics into pop culture. I highly recommend both.

  2. Floyd Marinescu Says:

    After watching that awesome movie, I thought I could bend reality with my mind.

    It reminded me of how I felt after reading Krishnamurti.


  3. Chris Beams Says:

    Glad to hear you enjoyed it. A good friend of mine’s brother did all the marketing for this film, as well as acted a small part in it. I’ve seen it several times myself, and am really inspired that these kinds of ideas are making their way into the mainstream in such a creative and compelling way. Thanks for sharing about it here. Btw, if you dug on this, I’d highly recommend the Landmark Forum. Many of the people involved with this film are graduates of this course (as am I). The Forum is a three-and-a-half day experiential immersion into many of the topics that ‘What the Bleep’ covers. Most worthwhile :-)

  4. Ugo Cei Says:

    I’m glad to hear that you haven’t joined them … yet ;) But as you can see from the comment by Chris Beams, they have already started trying to sell you some courses, in a typical “bait and switch” fashion.

    Anyway, if you want to keep an open mind, there’s plenty of links at the end of the article I quoted for you to fill it up with data. And I recommend a fairly balanced Wikipedia article here:

    Read it and try to answer this question: Would you buy an used car from those people? And what about a little kool-aid? ;) Keep up the good work!

  5. Tom Malaher Says:

    You’re allowed to enjoy it, but don’t treat it as a science course. Just like you’re allowed to enjoy The DaVinci Code, but not treat it as a history textbook.

    Personally, I haven’t seen it, but from the descriptions and trailers, it seems like it would just raise my blood pressure… getting all the science wrong.

  6. Peter Says:

    This film is nothing but mystical mumbo-jumbo and claptrap. We ‘create our own reality’? Er, no, we don’t.
    I actually bought this ‘documentary’ thinking that it would actually be interesting, informative and objective, and what do I get instead? A guru who ‘channels’ dead people (that ditzy blonde Zsa Zsa Gabor clone) and a silly, and obviously apocryphal story about how the natives of the West Indies literally couldn’t see Columbus’ ships because they were ‘outside their frame of reference’ or some other dodgy excuse.
    This was not true quantum theory, it was not science according to any definition of the word, it was pseudo-science.
    Enough already! I want my money back, I was swindled!

  7. Amanda Says:

    A friend lent me this movie to watch…I laughed, I cried, I have watched it once and will need to watch it at least a dozen more times to actually soak it all up. I am no quantum physics buff, and I tend to lean more toward the literary side of life, majoring in English..most definitely NOT in math etc..but I have walked away from this film wanting more. I DO believe that we create our own reality, and that we do fall prey to ritualistic living in our day to day lives. I do what I do every day because it has become routine for me..not becuase it is exercising my EXTREME potential as a human being. I believe that we create our own experiences, our own happiness, sadness, or indifference in this life. I believe that we are trained as a society to look head on rather than beyond that which we have been submerged with to be true, and into the possibilities of alternate forms of existence. This world is far too massive and amazing to settle into our own complacency without entertaining the notion that there may be something else much more intense and involved going on here. Amanda

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