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Feb 10

What I would like to see in Google Maps

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I really like the clean design, and great use of the web that we have with Google Maps.

However, there are definitely some features which I would love to see in it (btw, I do know that this is just a beta!)

  • Double Left Click: Center + Then Zoom In
  • Double Right Click: Center + Then Zoom Out
  • Let me store addresses in a nice drop-down list (like Y! and others)
  • Integrate this with GMail for addresses “Dion’s Home”
  • Let me see other countries ;) again, i know this is beta!
  • Let me save direction results
  • Don’t confuse with the sample boxes (put in a seperation line)
  • Show bike paths
  • Show canoe landing points
  • Show trails
  • Show cross country skiing trails :)

I can’t wait to see what else they come up with.

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