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Apr 04

Web via MDA with JetBrains MPS

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I have been watching the JetBrains MPS story for awhile, thinking that if someone can pull off MDA it would be JetBrains. And, Neal Ford keeps going on about it ;)

They did the smart thing and build a DSL builder that automatically gives you a nice IDE around your DSL.

A new demo screencast is out that shows webr which is a DSL way of building web sites in very short order indeed.

If I was going to write a book on it I would say “watch out Rails, MPS is going to kick arse”. Since I am not writing a book on it, I would say that it very interesting to watch and see. We are still some time out…. but I hope it reaches its potential.

4 Responses to “Web via MDA with JetBrains MPS”

  1. Sam Says:

    Wow, that seems like it sucks. Can someone please implement my idea? :)

  2. seb Says:

    Well it seems as if JetBrains always come with innovative advanced ideas… It had with Idea, same for MPS 3 years ago. Today everybody and his dog talk about DSLs…

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