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Nov 29

UnSpun un-spun?

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Could someone call James Duncan Davidson and get him to drive up to Seattle from Portland?

All joking aside, with the great progress on the deployment side, we still have room to improve.

It is still fantastic to see Amazon in the game and I am sure this is temporary.

3 Responses to “UnSpun un-spun?”

  1. Matt Raible Says:

    What ever happened to easy-to-read error messages? I have a hard time believing that Rails doesn’t support the ability to have a user-friendly “500 server error” page. ;-)

  2. David Smit Says:

    UnSpun is a creative, clean simple product. I really like it.
    37 Signals UnSpun:

  3. Rob Sanheim Says:

    Matt: The 500 and 404 pages are actually much nicer in Rails 1.2, which should be final very soon.

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