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Jan 01

To focus() or not to focus()

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I remember getting frustrated going to a search site that wouldn’t focus() on the only element on the page. Do not make me tab or mouse click in there!

For the first time I have seen the other side of the coin. I am used to using the space bar to jump down the page (both with mobile and computer). Since I have snazzed up with a personalized home, I often go there to NOT just search for something, but to rather get a glimpse of my word.

When this happens, I hit space to go down and then wonder why nothing has happened for a micro-second, until I realise that the search element is auto focused and I am typing in space characters.

Hmm, so sometimes I want it focused (when I go to for a search, which is rarer since these days you normally search from the browser chrome itself), and other times I don’t. To make things work, I wish that the app would capture the keypress, and if it is anything other than A-z0-9″‘ don’t type it in (so space would still scroll down. Of course, this is just for the first keypress.

4 Responses to “To focus() or not to focus()”

  1. Chris Norris Says:

    Write a Greasemonkey script that’ll do that for you!

  2. Chris Norris Says:

    Hmm, what’s the point of entering my URL in this comment form if it doesn’t show up at all?

  3. svenmeier Says:

    Well, using space to scroll down is not very intuitive anyway.
    I wonder about the roots of this key binding (just discovered that you can use shift-space to scroll up).

    Agreed on the focus issue though.

  4. ehgdhyqhkiz Says:

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