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Oct 19

The Palm Pre 2 Developer Phone

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Palm Pre 2

“HP is excited to announce that developers will be able to purchase an unlocked UMTS version of the new Palm Pre 2

The words above are a long time coming. It has been a mission since joining Palm to get developers a great dev phone. It is one of those things from the outside that seems like an obvious thing, and surely it should be easy to do right? Well, I have been schooled in the world of carriers, and it took some real world to get all of the i’s dotted and t’s crossed.

If you have wanted a nice fast webOS 2.0 enabled device to test on, please get on the list and ready. There is still work to do (make available in more places around the world etc), but the ball is now rolling.

Kevin Decker has also put together a great new Facebook release for the various channels. When folks get webOS 2.0 they will be happy to see some great functionality there too.

Engineers put a ton of time into making webOS 2.0 shine. There is a lot of work under the hood and the org is setup to build nicely on the foundation of that work. Congrats to the engineers who made the release happen.

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