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Apr 02

Teasing through a Twitter

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Twitter Tease

There is a class of tweets that somehow bug me. They aren’t the @someoneElse haha right buddy ones, which can be irritating, but I blame Twitter for those. Quotably does the right thing, but this really needs to just be done by Twitter itself in my opinion.

The irritant is the teaser. No offense to RWW (I love the site), but this is a good example:


I don’t want to know that at some point something is going to happen. No inside joke here, just post the darn thing and tweet that.

No teasing!

2 Responses to “Teasing through a Twitter”

  1. Lord Matt Says:

    I hate it when people do this to me so please forgive me but I could not find your contact form (you do have one right?) I was looking at your post http://almaer.com/blog/denial-of-service-comment-spam-and-the-maxthon-browser (which has been whacked) and wondered if you had found any solutions to DDoS style spam runs (en during one at the moment and keep needing to reboot)

  2. Nivash Says:

    That was a good example. :)

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