Dec 30

Steve Souders is no longer Chief Performance Yahoo! Instead, a Googler

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Steve Souders is known for:

The last point is the most important of course. Although it must be fun to say that you are Chief Performance Yahoo! to non-geeks at parties, he has left Sunnyvale, and has head a touch North to Mountain View.

I am very excited indeed to say that he is going to be starting at Google on January 7th, as you can see from the top of his site:

I’m at Google as of January 7, 2008.

I am glad he put a link to Google in there, so we can get the Guice.

It will be great to start working with Steve, even if we differ on some points. For example, he prefers the non-Ajax versions of maps as he thinks they are too slow. Are you kidding me? Do you never move around in the map then?

Lunch is on me on the 7th, Steve :)