Dec 03

Problems with Scrabulous, and general Facebookness

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I have been playing Scrabulous with many people, including my family.

My Mum and Dad would sometimes complain that they couldn’t easily get to the games that we were playing, and I chalked it up to “Computing Whilst Boomer”. Surely they just can’t see the darn Scrabulous link for some bizarre reason.

Well, when I delved into it more today on the phone, I found out that somehow, they had managed to be playing the games even though they hadn’t actually added the application to the FB profile!

The loop hole happened when they were invited to play a game. They said yes, and were able to get going without adding. They were able to get to the game itself by contorting in a bizarre way too. They could go to my profile, see my stats, and then get to the game.

Finally I got them to add the application:


“Wow this is like Fort Knox”. Not a good sign. It is good to see a new world through old eyes from time to time.

I won’t get started on how Scrabulous hangs when I try to delete one game that I never actually played, but have it marked as a loss!