Apr 28

Twitter Translate: Automatically convert tweets to your language

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Twitter Translate

I am having a lot of fun with the AJAX Language API. Last week I talked about the translation bookmarklet that lets you translate anything that you select in the browser.

This time, I whipped up Twitter Translate, which watches the tweets in the page, and if the content isn’t your native tongue automatically converts it and replaces it inline. It then adds a mini logo with “translated from …” which you can click on to see the original text:

Twitter Translate Example

It is probably easiest to quickly see it in action:

I think that I am so excited about this API as it is a vertical service that you can just use for free. Think back on how you would be able to integrate language into your applications in the past. You would either:

  • Have to work on the discipline yourself, which is crazy if it isn’t your core business
  • Find a vendor that has some product that you can use, all of which are very expensive.

Now, we can use this service for free, and the best part? It will keep getting better behind the scenes without us having to do a thing!